Per Hammar is the latest addition to the Majls Tribe.
Read the short interview with Per below.

Majls.Per Hammar

Per wears Majls x Nug Tee and Majls Field Jeans

Hi Per!
Hi Hi, How´s it going?

It´s all good thanks! So, who are you and what are you up to?
During the days i´m looked up in my basement studio just below a dodgy Indian restaurant here in Malmoe, Sweden, producing my own music. During the weekends i´m out at clubs playing and once a month I´m arranging my own club Kiloton. I recently started to teach at a Dj course for up n´ coming Dj´s.

Ok. Sounds like you got plenty of things to do.
But what led to you making music? And how is it that it sounds like it does?
Is it possible in words to describe the music that you do?
The first electronic music I listened to came from a friend who moved from
Stockholm to Helsingborg, the city where I lived as a kid.
He let me copy some of his music. In that way I got into Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Metro Area. A band called Pluxus got me to start looking for Swedish instrumental video game music.Then there was Napster, where I downloaded the first EP of Slagsmålsklubben and other chip music etc. During a long period I was really into Gameboy and C64 music.And thats pretty much how I started to make my own music. You might not hear it in what
I´m releasing today, but if I would’nt been on that track, maybe this would never have happened.
I´m worse when it comes to describe music, and people always ends up getting the wrong idea
of what I´m talking about. The best way to get an idea is to listen to what I do.
But I guess it can be described as techno.

So what´s going on in the near future?
Me and my studio partner Patrick Siech will head down to Amterdam Dance Event in a couple of weeks. We will paly at Studio 80 with our crew Break New Soul. But before that there´s a Kiloton evening with me, Calle Dernulf and Sandra Mosh as a lineup.

What´s the best about Majls? Do you have any funny memories related to Majls?
I must say the t-shirts. First time I played in Oslo, Norway, the club had livepainting right behind me on stage instead of video visuals. At the end of the gig I had a big blue brush stroke the back of my t-shirt.The day after I got two new Majls t-shirts as a compensation.
One black and one white Majls Bottom Up Tee with the best fit ever!
They´re still, after all these years, my favorite tees.

Last movie seen
Adventure Time season 5

Last tune listened to
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – King Hassan

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