Sergej Vutuc has made a name for himself through various projects like
exhibitions, self published fanzines,
collaborations with Charhartt, to name a few. And of course, he´s also a fan of Majls.
We had the chance to meet up with photographer/artist/activist Sergej Vutuc for a quick chat.

Sergej wears Majls Cardigan I and Majls El chinos

Hello Sergej! How are you?
Good thanks!

Where are you from?
Oh, I was born 1979 in a country which dosen´t exist today, it´s strange but true.
Nowadays that country is called Bosnia and Herzegowina.
Then I was raised in Coratia.

Is that where you live now?
No, I´m based in Heilbronn, Germany at the moment.
Been living here for like 14 years which is a pretty
long time for this town…
I got my workspace/studio/storage here, but I spend a lot of time travel around the world with my work.

What got you into photography in the first place?
At first, through my father and then through skateboarding and the whole punk/diy scene.


Can you describe your work? Or how you work? I find a ruffness in your work, why is that? Do you think the fact that you´re a skater has formed you as a photographer?
Your work looks very handmade and sometimes like layered screenprints, lithographs or paintings….

Yes, I am trying to find the feel that can be described as ruffness or hand made or whatever. But what i´m trying to do is to catch the connection between the moment and the situation. It´s probably a typical skateboarders way of thinking. And then to process and fortify that feeling in the darkroom, the xerox machine etc, using all kinds of stuff to experiment with.



You just got back after a long tour, where did you go and what did you do?
I started of in England and put up shows in London, Brighton, Bristol, and then in France
at the awesome House-gallery 126 in Rennes. Then of to CZ and Slowenina.
I prefer to build my shows on spot as much as I can. My shows is something like a traditional exhibition and to explore spaces, visitng friends and activists.
Then I´m trying to process all those things and hopefully it comes out in new works and zines…some of it is exhibited directly, some I take with me for future shows.



And you played in a band before. What kind of band was it?
In the 90´s yes, but not now. It was a hardcore/punk band. That was a very important part of my life. I mean it still is, the whole DIY thing, playing in bands and all things around it is still a part of me and is probably the reason why I´m doing what I do and the way I do it.
But since a few years back I started to experiment with music again. Making truly fucking real grindcore!

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Grindcore, like Dying Fetus?
Haha! No I create drones and noice using a guitar and a skateboard, Grindcore you see!
I wanted to question music labeling and came up with that project which is something in between a live set and performance art. I play mostly at the opening of my exhibitions.
A second cd is soon to be released and also a tape on a California based record label.
It kind of starts to become its own form and when I was in Slowenia
I built a two string guitar out of junk so I am back to experiment.

What´s the best thing about Majls Clothing?
For me, friendship and the good vibe around Majls.
And also, my mother says I look nice in them, haha!

Last song you listened to?
Got Iron Maiden on right now.

Do you have any further plans?
Yeah a couple of exhibitions in Germany and Sweden. And then see what happens.

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