The hardcore and the Straight Edge scene peaked in Sweden in the mid 90´s
But after a while, the movement got replaced by other
subcultures and eventually died out, or did it?

Trogen till döden is a movie that handles the topic.
We took the chance to speak with Andreas Ljungman the producer of the movie.
Read the whole interview below.

So Andreas, what kind of movie is “Trogen till döden” , what story is being told?
And what the thoughts behind it?
When I saw “Edge The Movie” a documentary mostly about the american Straight Edge scene made by
two germans I came up with the idea of making a film about the Swedish Straight Edge scene.
I wanted to dig deeper into the lives of the people being interviewed and I wanted to show the positive
sides of being Straight Edge. Not only to give others the opportunity to experience Hardcore and
Straight Edge but to give young people a chance to see that there is a life beyond the average life of
“work all week and drink the weekend away”.
In the film you will meet all kinds of people telling their story, why they choosed to stay drug and
alcohol free and what they fill their lives with.”

Ok, since its about the swedish scene, will the movie attract an audience outside of Sweden?
Well, I have already had people from all over Europe asking me about subtitles and screening. I guess Sweden
has always been this exotic place to visit and to know more about when it comes to punk and hardcore music.
I think we have to thank the hardcore scene and bands in Umeå from the 90′s for that but also the metal and
the crust/d-beat scene.
We have had an huge impact on many bands and people from all around the world and still does.

You guys obviously done heaps of research, is the movie made out of an historic point of view?
Its kind of hard to find good material from the 90′s. I mean you can find some clips on Youtube but it´s mostly
with crappy footage. With the documentary we will show the audience a good vibe and how
creative it could be even if its 2013. There will off course be alot of oldies talking about the 90′s scene as well.
But for me the most important thing is to attract all kinds of people and not only the scene people.
So there won´t be to much of that old history thing even if its important.

The swedish Hardcore scene was big during the 90´s with scenes in cities like Umeå,
Värnersborg, Karlstad and Gislaved to name a few, but how does it look today?
People are talking about the good old 90′s but today we have a really strong scene.
Back then people went to the shows pretty much because all your friends did.
Hardcore where the new hot topic. Nowadays people are 100% into it and its easier to connect through internet.
It´s all kind of things happening in alot of different places. Umeå is on the rise. Gävle, Stockholm and
Norrköping has a strong scene. Katrineholm, Jönköping, Gothenburg, Örebro, Uppsala and Västerås are good these days.
Malmö has the biggest scene when it comes to local shows.
About 500-700 people are attending the Malmö hardcore festival and when
Hårda Tider are playing their record release show.
Its more of a punk/graffiti/skate thing going on down there.

Well the Crime city has always been a good spot for subcultures hasn´t it?!
So the scene has kind of filtered itself. Music wise, how does it look?
Is the music influenced by something special? Has the music changed in any kind of direction over time?
Remember that all of a sudden, alot of hardcore/Straight Edge bands started to
sound more like Metal, rather than Punk or like Minor threat.

Has that changed over time or does hardcore still sound more like metal?
Well music wise it has changed alot. Since the internet made it possible to check out new bands every day the hype goes from one kind of Hardcore to another. Scenewise its more fashion. In the 90´s you almost only had the San Diego emo thing and the baggy pants/shorts and XL t-shirts. Now its more Nike shoes, Snapbacks and the right band t-shirt. I also think people are getting influenced by so much more subcultures and fashion. Sometimes its hard to tell if a person is into Hardcore, Rap och Dance music. Or Pop or Black metal. Still alot of people are into animal liberation and eating healthy vegan food. Gym and training has become a big thing. I don´t really know cause I dont give a fuck about fashion and “doing the right thing” but its fun to be a part of it and seeing it from my point of view.

I also think that the music has grown out of proportion. Because of internet, kids gets influenced by so many different bands and ideas. Right now the whole NYHC thing is huge. Heavy groovy hardcore like Biohazard. Big breakdowns and mosh. I listen to so many different hardcore bands and styles its crazy. The 80´s almost only had fast Hardcore Punk, bands like Cro-Mags. The 90´s had alot of Metal influenced hardcore and from 2000-2013 it has just escalated. But I do find really good hardcore even these days. Some bands are going back to the roots of the 80´s era and thats a good thing. Keeping it fast and powerful.

In the beginning of 2000 the big thing was this fashion core thing. Metalcore or call it whatever you want. Some bands were really talented and played their instruments very well. To me its not really hardcore but who am I to judge. Speaking of Judge, doing reunion has been going on for years. Earth Crisis started to play, Judge, Chain Of Strengh and even Black Flag.
I almost forgot. Beatdown hardcore. That shit is huge. Mostly in germany though. Think Earth Crisis but more evil, heavy breakdowns and mosh parts.

What do you think the future will bring for the Hardcore and the Straight Sdge movement? Do you think straight edge will branch into other genres, straight edge rap for example or will straight edge always be connected with hardcore music?
In Sweden we can see that alot of teenagers says no to alcohol. Those who drink they drink more than the average teenager did before but only half of the kids from 15-16 years has never even tried alcohol. I think its because of videogames and computers but also other subcultures. Its more fun to make the best out of your time. In the early 80´s only the true Punk and Hardcore kids claimed the edge but now you can find it in Wrestling, Rap, Rkateboarding, Movies and pretty much all kinds of music. I started to listen to german rap last year and guy called Daniel Gun, both vegan and Straight Edge. I think it will grow alot in the future but it will still be the middlefinger to society. Straight Edge is not for everyone

Last song or album you listened to?
Last album I listened to must have been the new Vinnie Paz album

Trogen till Döden will tour around Sweden this autumn and winter.
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